Traveling to Reconnect to Roots - Secrets of the Italy Unknown Even to Italians

Traveling to Reconnect to Roots - Secrets of the Italy Unknown Even to Italians - ItalyRooting Consulting

ItalyRooting Consulting is an Italian consultancy service which designs unique experiences of authentic Italian heritage in our marquee Rooting Style.  

Our trademarked Rooting® philosophy is an experience of full immersion into the heart and spirit of Italy. The philosophy of Rooting demonstrates Italy as the land of excellence and the true expression of beauty in the world. Rooting imparts the sources of beauty, elegance and style that characterize Italian lifestyle and history. The sons and daughters of Leonardo and Michelangelo, descendants of a mother land of artists, inventors and artisans, have changed the world. Rooting is an invitation to reminisce in the mystery and beauty of Italy's DNA. 

We design all our product and service offerings in our proprietary Rooting Style. Rooting Style embodies Italian anthropology and the character and quality of Italian culture, providing a bridge to the true roots of Italy. Thanks to its countless applications, Rooting Style caters to those of any ethnicity that have an affinity for and appreciation of Italian lifestyle. Specifically for Italian descendents, Rooting Style creates a true connection for those that are looking to reconnect to their roots and to the people and places of their native land.

Through Rooting Style Travel we design unique and unparalleled travel experiences. We create, select and propose travel experiences that bridge travelers to the roots of Italian quality and culture. We also create custom reconnection journeys especially for Italian descendants that enable them to return to and experience their own familial roots of origin. We don’t sell tours, we create experiences with unique content in a narrative format. Travelling in Rooting Style accesses the best of Italy at its root and in its purest form, rendering the traveler not only a tourist, but a “Rootist”,  an Italian among Italians.  Our travel experiences are memorable events that go beneath the surface, enrich the senses, and touch the soul in the most intimate way. After travelling in Rooting Style, travelers leave forever changed and above all with the desire to share their experience with others and to return again and again.