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Traveling to Reconnect to Roots...Secrets of the Italy Unknown Even to Italians

Traveling to Reconnect to Roots...Secrets of the Italy Unknown Even to Italians - ItalyRooting Consulting

At ItalyRooting Consulting we believe that our Customers are above all individuals to whom we selectively propose services that fulfill their desire for discovery, development, and knowledge. We therefore do not offer standard solutions, but rather, through careful evaluation of requirements, we identify the best strategy and custom experiences that fulfill expressed desires.

We design custom experiences for individuals and groups with the desire to immerse in the heart and spirit of Italy and/or reconnect with their Italian land of origin.

We design unique Rooting Style travel experiences for the travel sector, including travel organizations, agency networks, tour operators, and individual travel agencies. As your Italian Experience Designer, we help the travel sector serve a fast-growing travel industry segment: experiential, participative, and immersion travel. We make available experiences that exceed the usual destinations of Italian tourist circuits, potentiating destinations and excursions that are unique and customized for specific groups of travelers. 


Services for Individuals and Groups:

- Root Travel Design for journeys to all regions of Italy, including customized escorted trips.

- Reconnection Bridges for third and fourth generation Italian descendants, including finding your relatives and a series of genealogical travel and non-travel products and services. 


Services for the Travel Sector:

- Strengthening of destinations patterned on the specific interests of visitors outside of the "usual" tourist circuits.

- Strategies for expansion and activation of wider segments of potential travel business.

- Consultancy on original concepts and content-setting in full Italian Lifestyle.

- Training on Quality, Customer Service and Narrative modes of a territory.

- Selection of the most suitable local suppliers to meet requirements and guarantee of the the expected quality.